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About the Author

Tropical Flower

Adeyela Albury Bennett serves her community as chief executive officer of Women in Training, Inc., a youth empowerment organization that advocates for menstrual equity and the development of girls from marginalized communities into global leaders. WIT works to eradicate period poverty by providing leadership development, menstrual education, and monthly menstrual supplies to girls, young women, and transgender and nonbinary youth living in poverty. A proud daughter of African and Taino-Arawak ancestors from the Bahamas, Adeyela resides in Montgomery, Alabama, the birthplace of the modern Civil Rights Movement. Her family previously worked and lived in the United Arab Emirates. Adeyela’s greatest gifts to the world are her dynamic co-creations: four daughters—Nuola and Moremi Akinde, and twins Breanna and Brooke Bennett—and three grandchildren—Geronimo, Talia, and Iwa Akinde-Di’Angelo. She is married to Bradley Bennett, a writer and editor for a leading civil rights organization in the South.

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